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Stone Questions

Is Stoneyard™ Thin Veneer real stone?

Yes. The stone was formed in New England and the East Coast of the U.S. during the last ice age. It is as real as it gets. 

How is Stoneyard® Thin Veneer packaged?

Flats are packaged in 168 square foot crates or 5 square foot boxes.  

Corners are packaged in 150 linear foot crates, 75 linear foot crates, or 5 linear foot boxes.


What is Stoneyard® Boston Blend? Is it a specialized blend? Controlled blend?

It is a generalized mix of dense quartzite conglomerate and granite natural stone found in New England. It is by far our most popular natural stone thin veneer. By using a blend of colors, it goes visually with many adjacent colors and is the perfect stone blend to choose if at some point in the future the adjacent colors may change with a new home or business owner, or a new generation of your family. 



Can you blend or mix different colors or shapes of Stoneyard® Thin Veneer?

Yes by purchasing in increments of 5 sf or 168 sf. If you are ordering crates of Boston Blend™ Thin Veneer, for example, you can order an additional crate (168 sf) of Greenwich Grey or Colonial Tan to add more grey or tan to the mix to achieve the desired color blend. 


What are the ASTM specifications and physical properties of your stone?

For architects, designers and builders, please review our technical specifications for complete information.


Where does your stone come from?

Our most popular thin veneer stone is crafted from natural stone from farms/quarries throughout New England within 100 miles of Littleton, MA. 

How do I order samples of thin veneer?

We would be happy to mail some pieces out to you. Order samples on the individual product page for the stone you are interested in. Seeing the actual stone will help you compare color and texture. 


How does Stoneyard™ Thin Veneer differ from Stoneyard™ Building Veneer?



What is the size difference between natural stone Thin Veneer and Building Veneer?

Thickness. Thin veneer is between .75" and 1.25" thick. Building veneer is 3" - 5" thick. 


How much does Stoneyard® natural stone Thin Veneer weigh?

14 lbs/sf or less (average of 13 lbs). 


How much does Stoneyard® natural stone Building Veneer weigh?

Building Veneer is 4 times heavier than Thin Veneer weighing in at 60 lbs/sf. 


Does Stoneyard™ Thin Veneer come in panels or individual stones?

Our natural thin veneer stones are individual stones. We also have stone panels


Who endorses your stone?

We craft our stone for the builders, architects, masons, and project owners that want the finest Historic Fieldstone from New England. Check out the feedback section for text and videos from folks who stand behind our craftsmanship.


Are there any books available on working with stone and stone walls?

Yes, here are a few we recommend:

  • "The Granite Kiss: Traditions and Techniques of Building New England Stone Walls" by Kevin Gardner, et al, available in book stores and at 
  • "Ten Landscapes" Stephen Stimson Associates ISBN # 1-564-96-858-8 $25.00 Available at

 Project Questions

How do I install Thin Veneer?

Please read Installing Thin Stone Veneer for more information.

What tools should I use? 

 STONEYARD Thin Stone Veneer Installation Tools Demo
  • Watch as David Croteau of STONEYARD® demonstrates the use of some amazing new Thin Stone Veneer installation tools: Thin Stone Veneer Hammer and Steel Base Splitter. 


How do I calculate my stone requirements?

Use our on-line product calculators to determine coverage or send us  project details and plans using our contact form.


How do I install a dry laid fieldstone retaining wall?

Here is an article to read: How to Install a Dry Laid Fieldstone Retaining Wall.

How do I bond thin veneer stone to metal, such as a metal fireplace surround? 


Do I need corner pieces when installing thin veneer?

It you are covering a corner with stone then...yes. Our natural stone thin veneer corners give your project the appearance of full thickness stone.


How many square feet do thin veneer corners cover?

For each linear foot of corners installed you will get approximately 0.75 SF of coverage.


How much waste/trimming is involved when installing thin veneer?

See this article: How to Calculate the Amount of Material Needed for Thin Stone Installations article


How do I cut Thin Veneer when trimming is necessary?


What kind of blade/tool do I need to cut your stone?

A diamond blade on a right angle grinder or wet saw. We recommend installation by a Certified Thin Veneer Installer


What installation system do you recommend?



Do I need to point in between stones in a dry-laid application?

With the LATICRETE system you do not need to point.


Can you install dry-laid on exterior applications?

Yes with LATICRETE MVIS Premium Veneer Mortar.


Does the Thin Veneer need to be installed with a masonry shelf?

No masonry shelf is needed. Stoneyard™ Thin Veneer can be installed directly on cement board or brick. 


How warm does it need to be to install Stoneyard™ Thin Veneer in exterior applications?

The temperature needs to remain at 40 degrees or higher for 72 hours to cure.  We can recommend Laticrete Hi Bond Rapid which will speed up the cure time, but 72 hours is still advised.

There is a simple rule to follow when the temperature is low during installation: The 18º (8 ºC) Rule – for every 18ºF below 70ºF (8ºC below 21ºC), portland cement and epoxy based materials take twice as long to cure.


How to Create a Thin Stone Veneer Mockup

David Croteau, owner and mason at Stoneyard®, explains the steps needed to create a full-scale mockup for customer approval prior to installing thin veneer in this 4-part video series: How to create a Thin Veneer Mockup

How to create a thin veneer mockup.png




More Answers to Customer Questions

Thin Stone Veneer

Can any of this veneer by installed over existing brick fireplace? 
All of our natural stone veneer can be installed over a brick fireplace. That is a very common place to put this completely fireproof stone that retains heat. 

I'm curious how thick this or all of these type products are? Are most or all of the thin stone veneers the same thickness?
All of our Thin Stone Veneer is between .75 to 1.25" thick. 

Can you put this thin stone behind a wood burning stove?
Yes, this is all natural stone, the same that you would find in stonewalls and as part of the rocky landscape of New England. It will retain some of the heat from the stove so it is important that you use the correct mortar as the stone itself will never fail. 

When ordering samples for Boston Blend, Rustic Tan and Colonial Tan, will they come as boards or loose stone? Also, these samples are free, the shipping will have a cost correct? 
Your samples will come as loose stone and yes, samples are free plus shipping costs. 

Can thin stone be installed on the outside of a 9ft. diameter circular stair tower?
Yes, you can install either dry-fit thin veneer or with mortar joints. The recommended mortar is Laticrete MVIS with 500lb PSI. 

We are changing our wooden veneer chimney to natural stone veneer. We love your Boston Blend Ashlar product. Can you give us a price per square foot?
Yes, just provide us the exact measurements of your chimney. 

My husband and I are having a home built in NH with an open floor plan and cathedral ceilings. We will have a corner fireplace and instead of the standard marble look we wanted to go with a natural product. I saw three Stoneyard designs that I liked; Boston blend round thin veneer, Boston blend ledgestone and Amber Falls natural stone panels. Is there a way we could get a sample of these to see actual textures and color? 
Yes, you can order samples here. Samples are free, just pay for shipping.

Are there Stoneyard installers for the NH area? 
Yes, you can find a local installer here. Enter your zip code or city and state. 

Do you know the cost difference between this in say a "cultured stone" veneer. Love the look of your stone fireplaces. 
They are similar in cost and weight, about 13 lbs per square foot. Price varies based on the shape and type of stone

Stacked Thin Stone Panels

For the stacked stone panels, can you only make a wall that is 6 or 8 feet in width or is it possible to cut a panel in two for a 1 foot section?
It is possible. We recommend having a mason cut the panels with a wet saw. 

What is the total thickness of the panels? How much of the thickness is due to the stone and how much is the backing material?  How likely is it that the stone might separate from the backing material? 
The panels are .75" - 1.5" in thickness. The stone is not glued to a backing panel. They are glued to each other, so they will not separate. 

Hardscape Projects

Do you sell flagstone by the piece, and if yes what colors and the approximate size of the flagstone?
You can find our flagstone products here and you can see them in person in Littleton, MA.

Are bush hammered pavers rated for heavy trucks (eg gas delivery truck?) 
These bush hammered pavers are granite and will carry heavy loads. 

We are looking for a large stone veneer in a custom size. Do you cut to size? 
Yes we cut to size. 


Can you tell me the lead time for 200 +/- sf worth of Vineyard Granite Ashlar Natural Thin Stone Veneer? 
We typically have it in stock in our 45,000 sq ft warehouse in Littleton, MA. Local delivery is the same week, national delivery is one - two weeks. 

Do you ship to Hawaii? 
Yes, we have projects on islands such as Grand Cayman. 



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