New England Fieldstone Veneer Product Overview

5 Shapes - Round, Mosaic, Square & Rectangular, Ledgestone, and Ashlar
2 Thicknesses - Thin Veneer (1 inch) and Building Veneer (3.0-6.0 inch)
) specializes in Historic New England Fieldstone. Most people are familiar with one or two of our shapes, but not all five. Even more are unaware that our New England Fieldstone Veneer is available in two thicknesses. We put together this video to explain each of these shapes and thicknesses.


-The history of New England Fieldstone
-Mike Comes to you straight from the source.
-Five Patterns of stone veneer
-Thin Veneer stone siding for interior and exterior applications
-Building Veneer stone siding for projects that offer a weight bearing foundation (typically exterior)

The finest homes have natural stone. These finished projects will help you visualize the look that you desire and which thin veneer stone to specify.