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Colonial Tan Strips 1.5 or 3.0 inch

Colonial Tan is a natural quartzite that consists of radiant brown, beige, tan, light gray, and other earth tones.

Pieces are available 1.5 inch height (+/- 1/8 inch), sawn top, bottom, and ends, with a beautiful split or natural cleft face.

These are individual stones, not panels, which will create a perfect installation without any visible seems or gaps.

Corner pieces are used to "wrap" a corner connecting two walls so that the thickness of the stone is not visible. This gives the appearance of full thickness 3 to 4 inch stone but is actually only 1 inch thick and weighs less than 15 lbs per SF. The light weight of our Thin Veneer allows this natural stone to be used for interior and exterior architectural projects without the expense and labor of a supporting masonry shelf.

Flats are sold per Square Foot (SF) and Corners are sold per Linear Foot (LF).

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Boston Blend Strips

Height: 1.5 inch (+/- 1/8 inch)
3-12 inch
1 inch
Weight: Less than 15 lbs/sf

Boston Blend Strips




The Strips products are a modification of our Ledgestone shape designed to give the customer an easier way to install dry stack appearance. The stones will stack up tightly with minimal or no mortar joints. Most of the trimming waste and labor is done by Stoneyard.com in our controlled shop environment.