Boston Blend ICE (Irregular Cut Elements)

Real New England Stone Veneer

Boston Blend ICE (irregular cut elements) is a unique cut of real New England stone. It consists of irregular pieces of natural stone that have been cut thin for interior and exterior use. It includes small mosaic as well as irregular ledge and square pieces. This product is Irregular in both size and shape. It is perfect for use in applications such as stair risers, wainscoting, foundation covering, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, small fireplaces, and more. It is the perfect DIY project material and useful for those who are looking for a product that speaks to their artistic nature.

*pieces can be irregular in thickness, cut on edges, and have a sawn, split, or natural faceFree_Samples_Button.png

Thickness: 3/8 inch - 1 7/8 inch
Face Size: (2 inch x 4 inch) to (5 inch x 6 inch)


**SAVE 50% or More with ICE Compared to Other Thin Veneer Options**

Below are just a few examples of our Boston Blend ICE crates.

(Click below to view larger image)


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BB-Mos-800x300-USE_BB.jpg CT-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg GG-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg NM-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg VG-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg
OB-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg RT-Mos-800x300.jpg CS-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg PG-800x300.jpg  







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BB-Round-800x300-USE.jpg BB-Ledge-800x300-USE.jpg BB-Mos-800x300-USE.jpg BB-Sq-800x300-USE.jpg BB-Ash-800x300-with_words.jpg

Ready to see it installed, in a free sample or in person?

The finished project photos on our website are amazing! These are most often submitted by our customers. You can order FREE thin veneer samples online, or visit us at 265 Foster Street, Littleton, MA 01460 USA. Call 800.231.220.       

Architect's Corner

We have many tools and lots of information available to assist architects and design professionals in the preparation of construction projects. Don't see what you need? Please visit our full architect page or contact us to request more information.

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