Granite Cobblestone Belgium Blocks

Cobblestones (Belgium blocks) are hand split, dressed and tumbled. Use them as an apron for a driveway entrance or pave the entire driveway, walkway or sidewalk. They also lend strength and luxury as edging in a garden path or walkway, or as veneer for a rustic sitting wall.

Available in sizes:

  • Cube (4x4x4)
  • Regulation (4x5x9)
  • Jumbo (4x7x10)

Cobblestone Thumb (170x170)

Order Samples of all natural, hand cut, tumbled
Granite Cobblestones

  • Cube = 4x4x4 inches

  • Regulation = 9x5x4 inches

  • Jumbo = 10x7x4 inches

Available in 4 colors:  Gray, Black, Yellow and Pink