New England Thin Cut Stone Veneer

All Natural "Real" Stone
Light as Man-Made with the Beauty and Durability of Stone

At we pride ourselves in crafting our all natural, real stone veneer from Historic New England Fieldstone and other all natural "real" stone products. This stone veneer, sometimes called siding or cladding is used for homes, offices, landscaping or any other architectural construction project that demands the finest surface covering.

Our Thin Stone Veneer "Corners" give your completed project
the look of "full thickness" (5 inches thick) stone but with 75% less weight.



Thin Veneer Corners are stones with the middle sawn out so they wrap around the outside of a 90 degree corner. They come in four varieties: Ledgestone, Round, Rectangular, and Ashlar. Mosaic flats use Rectangular corners. Learn more here.

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  • Affordable Nationwide Shipping
  • Available in 5 patterns
  • Sold by the SF
  • Individual stones
  • 1.0 inch thick (+/- 0.5 inch)
  • 14 lbs or less per SF
  • Pre-cut corners
  • Adheres to walls, foundations, fireplaces
  • Interior or exterior

About Thin Veneer:

We start with natural stone from the farms and fields of New England. Thin Veneer is sawn to 1 inch thick, reducing the weight to less than 14 pounds per square foot. This allows our natural stone to be used in applications that do not have a masonry foundation.

Thin veneer is chosen on new construction because it is more affordable to ship and install.  Thin veneer is almost always chosen for renovations such as re-siding an outside wall, an interior wall, a cement foundation, or a fireplace.

Thin veneer can be applied over wall surfacing like cement board or wood siding. The mortar supports the weight of the stone. On exterior applications we recommend a cavity weep system to provide an escape outlet for moisture that works its way behind the porous stone and mortar. This prevents efflorescence, mold, and water damage behind the stone. See our installation instruction for more details.

Finished Project with Round Stone Veneer Siding:

Finished Project with Ledgestone Stone Veneer Siding:

Ledgestone Stone Veneer Siding

Finished Project with Mosaic Stone Veneer Siding:

Finished Project with Mosaic Stone Veneer Siding

Finished Project with Ashlar (and Ledgestone) Stone Veneer Siding:

Finished Project with Rectangular Stone Veneer Siding:

The process of purchasing stone:

  1. Select 1 or 2 styles (i.e. Ledgestone or Round) for your intended look and style
  2. Order free samples to inspect the color and texture up close
  3. Purchase 15-25 square feet for a mock-up
  4. Install this stone on a 3 foot x 3 foot piece of plywood
  5. Adjust the pattern, trimming, or grouting and repeat step 4 if necessary
  6. Calculate actual yield to determine order size


Thin Veneer Packaging:

Two convenient packages:

  1. Recycle-able plastic boxes (milk crate sized) holding 5 square feet of flat stock or 5 linear feet of corners.
  2. Wooden crates holding 168 square feet of flat stock, 75 linear feet or 150 linear feet of corners.