ASTM Product Testing Results & Specifications for
Boston Blend Stone Siding

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ASTM Testing Data: Average Results for C-170, C-99, C-97, and C-90

Water Absorption: 0.54%
Density: 153 lbs per cubic foot
Specific Gravity: 2.46
Compressive Strength Perpendicular: 19,958 psi
Compressive Strength Parallel: 17,307 psi
Modulus of Rupture Perpendicular: 1,854 psi
Modulus of Rapture Parallel: 2,692 psi



*Size range specification is the minimum to maximum measurement. Material will include pieces that fall into the acceptable range. Highs and lows can be the either end of the range and may not have a mixture of ALL sizes. For example, if a length range is from 4 - 12 inches, it is possible to receive all pieces that are 4-5 inch in length and none 7-12.

Be sure to discuss your exact requirements before placing your order.


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