STONEYARD® Certified Thin Stone Installer Program

STONEYARD® Certified Installer Program
Benefits & Reasons to Attend

Choosing an installer is an integral part of any masonry project. Customers are looking for natural thin stone veneer experts who are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of the installation. The STONEYARD® Certified Thin Stone Installer program provides masonry professionals with tools and important tips for the most efficient and effective install. This is a FREE course offered by STONEYARD® that offers:

  • Marketing Opportunities with STONEYARD®

  • Learn proper natural thin stone installation methods and procedures

  • Learn why and how to use LATICRETE® MVIS system to install natural stone

  • See hands-on demonstrations of tools that make trimming and fitting efficient and visually appealing

  • How and where to use pre-cut 90 degree corners

  • When and how to mitre a non-90 degree corner

  • See large format 4 x 3 ft displays of all colors and shapes

  • Understand the advantages and selling features of natural stone

  • Learn how to educate YOUR customer on the benefits of natural stone thin veneer

  • Use your Stoneyard Installer Certificate to demonstrate YOUR knowledge and training

Course Includes:

Interactive Presentation

The presentation will cover topics starting with the origins of the stone industry and progress into proper installation techniques including the LATICRETE® Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) over various substrates.

Topics include the following:

  • Tapered installations with corners
  • waste calculation
  • grout
  • joint width
  • temperature
  • weight restrictions
  • project mock-ups

Tour of our Warehouse & Design Center

A tour of our design center including large format 4 ft x 3 ft displays of all thin veneer product colors and shapes.

Cutting Edge Product Demo

Cutting and trimming has become easier with new advances in masonry tools. A STONEYARD® specialist will explain the recommended tools for the fastest and most efficient installation of natural thin stone veneer.



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