#925 Entire House sided with Fieldstone

It’s The Big Bad Wolf's worst nightmare...an entire home made out of stone! This grand home used a natural stone siding provided by Stoneyard.com to create a beautiful look that will stand the test of time. Boston Blend Fieldstone in the Square & Rectangular shape was used in the 1 inch Thin Veneer as well as a 3-5 inch Building Veneer. This blend of thicknesses made installation on the higher level a whole lot faster and simpler while maintaining a consistent look throughout the project.

Take a look at the in progress pictures, photos taken after completion, and watch the 3 minute project tour video!

Products: Thin Veneer and Building Veneer. Square & Rectangular Boston Blend Fieldstone

Description: David Croteau tours a private residence in Massachusetts that used New England Fieldstone Boston Blend in the Square & Rec Pattern. David explains the installation of building veneer, a cavity weep system, anchored veneer ties, stone sizing, corners, and the advantage of thin veneer and why it was chosen for a portion of the project.

In progress pictures:

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Completed Project Pictures:

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