Additional Projects with New England Thin Stone Veneer

Fireplace, Chimney, Commerical Spaces, Stone Foundations, Veneered Retaining Walls, Stone Siding, and more

#960| A Seamless Blend of Thin Stone Colors and Shapes

Products: Colonial Tan Ledgestone, Colonial Tan Square & Rec, and Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone
Description: This cape style home features a unique combination of perfectly blended Thin Veneer colors and shapes. An indoor fireplace and 2 outdoor chimneys were both faced with this masterfully crafted mix of beige, tan, and neutral colors. Recessed cement and uniform joints showcase the natural beauty of the stone.

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#967| Contemporary New Audi Dealership

Products: Boston Blend Strips
Description: A brand new Audi dealership was recently completed in Natick, MA. This ultra-modern commercial structure features a design that incorporates many different elements. Glass, steel, and stone work together to create a sleek contemporary design. The clean, straight lines in the metal and windows are carried through to the Boston Blend Strips stone which was used on the retaining walls. The sleekness of the glass is contrasted by the rough, organic surface of the natural stone. Read more...

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#954| Awesome Fireplace Makeover

Products: Boston Blend Ledgestone
Description: Breathe new life into your boring old fireplace! Upgrade that dated brick or tile with a fresh look. Here, a tile fireplace was covered with a natural thin stone veneer. Dimension was added by recessing the area below the mantel and adding a keystone. A distressed barn board mantel with metal finishes give the fireplace a beautiful country elegance.

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#953| Summer Outdoor Entertaining and Inspiring Spaces

Products: New England Stone Veneer Products
Description: Your home and entertaining space doesn't have to end at the door. With a little planning you can have the perfect outdoor living area for relaxing and enjoying the summer with your friends and family. Pool parties, BBQ's, s'mores, wine, and colorful sunsets are just a few of the things that you can enjoy in your outdoor space.

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#950| Florida Home Greenwich Gray Water Feature

Products: Greenwich Gray Ledgestone
Description: Here is an example of the perfect tropical combination. This tranquil water fountain features the New England stone Greenwich Gray Ledgestone. The blue/gray coloring with subtle strips of green and white complement the light stucco and green foliage that surround the piece.

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#949| Illinois Home with Stone Siding, Foundation, and Chimney

Products: Boston Blend Mosaic and Round Veneer
Description: Even on a rainy day, this home in Illinois looks amazing with natural stone accents by The foundation, siding and chimney were all faced with a mix of the Boston Blend Round and Mosaic Veneer.

This home stands apart from the rest with a cedar shingle roof, copper finishes, and white trim. The gold from the copper, grey from the siding, and white from the trim are all picked up in the unique blend of colors that make up the Boston Blend

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#945| New York Home with Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Products: Boston Blend Square & RectangularThin Veneer
Description: Want to really make a good first impression? Stone goes a long way in sprucing up your front entry. The mix of colors in our Boston Blend complements any design setting. The neutral color of the siding makes the stone look at home while the dark wood door stands as a beautiful focal point.

The foundation was covered around the home and the garage. A small riser was faced surrounding the back yard patio, the chimney, and an interior fireplace were all enhanced by using our Boston Blend Square & Rectangular natural stone veneer.

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#943| Colonial Tan Mosaic Stone Siding

Products: Colonial Tan Mosaic Thin Veneer
Description: What better a way to spice up your home than to add a natural stone facade. The front entry, column accents, and siding were faced with Colonial Tan Mosaic Thin Veneer. White columns and trim really pop against the light beige, gray, and rust colors in the Colonial Tan mix. The dark wood door really pulls your attention to the beautiful statement piece surrounded by a warm blend of stone.

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#942| Stone Facade for Entry Focal Point

Products: Boston Blend Ledgestone Veneer
Description: This Massachusetts home was faced using New England Fieldstone Boston Blend Ledgestone Veneer. The stone was laid to give the dry stacked stone appearance with no exposed mortar. The beautiful mix of colors in the Boston Blend works well with the pale yellow color of the home. Corners were not used on this project because white trim enclosed the stone area. Trim, without the use of stone corners, is a cost effective construction option and it enhances the real stone veneer by drawing your eye to this well crafted focal point.

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#941| Wheaton College Selects Ledgestone Boston Blend Building Veneer for New Science Center

Products: Boston Blend Ledgestone Veneer
Description: A new science center is under construction at the Norton, MA school Wheaton College. What began in April 2010 is coming to an end and the final bells and whistles are being installed. This includes some amazing freestanding stonewalls that were made using the Boston Blend Ledgestone full thickness Building Veneer.

Approximately 2,000 square feet of stone was purchased and used throughout the landscape. This local stone was sorted and split right here in Littleton, MA. Why is this so important? It keeps in line with "green" building and enables the building to earn LEED certification credits.

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#940| Ashlar Boston Blend Ocean Side NJ Home

Products: Boston Blend Ashlar Thin Veneer
Description: Almost 1,700 SF of natural stone veneer was used throughout the project. The foundation, walls, stair risers, siding, and garage were faced with Boston Blend Ashlar Thin Veneer. The outdoor entertainment area is complete with kitchen, changing room, and showers. A sitting bench was also created to enjoy sunny days on the ocean side dock.

Take a look at some of these amazing pictures!

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#939| The Grand at Diamond Beach

Products: Boston Blend Round Building Veneer
Description: A beautiful beach rental facility located on the bustling Jersey Shore, decided to bring home a little piece of New England. The Boston Blend Round Building Veneer was used for columns, walls, and signage. Colorful landscaping and Bluestone Caps finish the project and give it a clean look.

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#938| Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Lodge Natural Stone Siding

Products: Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Veneer
Description: Sugarloaf Mountain is a beautiful winter skiing and summer golfing spot located in Carrabassett Valley, ME. A recent addition to the resort is some beautiful natural stone veneer walls and stair risers. Using the New England native stone Boston Blend in the Square & Rectangular shape was the perfect choice for this local hot spot. Natural wood siding and beams along with Granite accents complete the project.

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#937 Dover Church using Square & Rectangular Veneer

Description: Our Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Veneer was used on this beautiful church located in Dover, MA. Columns were faced in sections on an outside wall. The stone works perfectly with the historic look of the location.

Product: Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Veneer

#935| Boston Blend Round Veneer with Square & Rec Corners

Products: Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer with Square & Rectangular Corners
Description: Want to really make your entrance pop? Beautiful stone columns and colorful flowers create an inviting entryway that would please any guest. Boston Blend Round Veneer was used to cover the foundation, columns, and as siding on this local home. 

What’s unique about this home was the use of Square & Rectangular corners instead of the Round. The straight lines of the Square & Rectangular cut make perfect corner pieces that blend harmoniously throughout the project.

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#933| 2,500 SF Mosaic & Ledgestone Boston Blend Veneer NY Home

Products: Boston Blend Ledgestone & Mosaic Thin Veneer
Description: This beautiful home has been veneered with an all natural real stone Thin Veneer provided by A mixed of Ledgestone (2,000 sf) and Mosaic (500 sf) Boston Blend Thin Veneer was used to create an effortless mix.

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#928 | Ashlar and Square & Rec Mix Walls, Columns, and Foundation

Products: Thin Veneer New England Fieldstone Boston Blend Ashlar and Square & Rectangular
Description: Cedar shingles and wooden post columns can really make an entrance pop. Adding a historic New England stone to the foundation, walls, and columns add that special touch that really make a rustic home come to life. Our New England Fieldstone Boston Blend was used on this private residence in Massachusetts. A 63% Square & Rectangular Regular, 1% Square & Rectangular Large, and 36% Ashlar mix was used to create a unique look that is beautiful even in progress!

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#927 | Round & Mosaic Home in Groton

Products: Thin Veneer New England Fieldstone Boston Blend Round & Mosaic
Description: This private residence in Massachusetts used Boston Blend New England Fieldstone Mosaic and Round Thin Veneer. A 75% Mosaic and 25% Round mix was used to create a unique look. Round corners were used throughout the project to create a soft, soothing New England texture.

#924 | Stone columns for an Entertainment Center:

Products: Ledgestone Thin Veneer
Description: Columns and an archways frame a flat screen television.

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# 923 | Orr Builders Custom Home:

Products: Mosaic Thin Veneer
Description: Stone siding on home's foundation and retention walls.

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#921 | Library and Senior Center:

Products: Round Thin Veneer and Round Building Veneer
Description: A commercial project with stone on the skirt of the building, a chimney, and an interior fireplace.

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