#969 | 4 Tips to the Perfect Fireplace Stone Installation

A Do-it-Yourselfer's Experience with Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Natural Thin Veneer

This project includes a fireplace insert that was installed flush with cherry wood entertainment center. To match the warm tones, the Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer was used around the insert. After completing this DIY project, we received a few helpful tips from the installer.

Tip #1: Mark and cut the stone 3/4 of the way through

In order for these natural stones to fit together, some trimming/shaping is required. Depending on how tight the joints are, more or less cutting will be needed. In this case, a wet tile saw was used. Each stone that needed trimming was cut about 3/4 of the way through and snapped with a masonry hammer.

Tip #2: Finish with a masonry hammer

To avoid showing sawn sides on a natural stone, a masonry hammer is used to break through and rough up the edges. This way, the pieces look much more natural. "Using a Rigid tile saw from Home Depot we cut the stones to fit our space. Beside using the saw to cut the stone 3/4 of the way through (like you said) we used a rock hammer to finish most of the cuts."

Tip #3: Use a non or low sag mortar to build up stones

The Laticrete Masonry Veneer Mortar was recommended to the customer due to its very minimal sag during installation. "Also want to remark on the sag-free mortar that was recommended. We were able to locate some at a masonry contractor supplier and used this special mortar in a thick layer to get the stones flush with the cabinet front surface. It didn't sag in the slightest and held the stones where we wanted them!"

Tip #4: Use color enhancer to bring out rich color tones

Color enhancer accentuates the natural beauty of real stone. In this project, color enhancer was used to bring out the rich warm tones of the Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer. "We did use an enhancer to bring out the rich tones and we used mortar between the bigger spaces. We are really enjoying the beauty of real stone. It can't compare with the artificial stone we were thinking of buying. Thanks for having the product we needed!"

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