#960| A Seamless Blend of Thin Stone Colors and Shapes

A Fireplace & Chimney with Colonial Tan Ledgestone, Colonial Tan Square & Rec, and Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone

This cape style home features a unique combination of perfectly blended Thin Veneer colors and shapes. An indoor fireplace and 2 outdoor chimneys were both faced with this masterfully crafted mix of beige, tan, and neutral colors. Recessed cement and uniform joints showcase the natural beauty of the stone.


The quality of workmanship is apparent in the clean lines, well trimmed stone, and evenly spaced joints. Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular, Colonial Tan Ledgestone, and Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone Thin Veneer were used to create a cohesive blend that looks as mother nature intended it.

The custom chimney cap was the finishing touch. The installation method is unique to the installer and creates a cap stone without any corner joints. Concrete is poured into a form that is placed on top of the chimney and allowed to dry. Once it is set, the chimney is complete and the cap is in one piece and perfectly fitted.

For more photos and information on mixing colors & shapes,
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J David Berquist Masonry

Temple, NH

The Blend:

Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular   --   60%
Colonial Tan Ledgestone                 --    20%
Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone          --    20%