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Listed below are THOUSANDS of photos featuring Stoneyard natural stone thin veneer options and 3 ways to inspire you for your stone project. Use our Searchable Gallery to narrow your focus by color, shape, project type, application, and more! Browse some of our favorite projects in our Featured Projects section. Want to see what the stone will look like on YOUR project? Upload a picture to our Project Visualizer and take the guessing out of it!

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In the Works...

Below are some projects that are in the pipeline to be featured in the future. They are all coming soon so check back often to see more of your favorite project!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Logger's Revenge Ride

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA chose the perfect accent for their Logger's Revenge ride. Our Boston Blend Round natural New England thin stone veneer fits right in with its the rustic old-world charm.

"Enjoy a panoramic ocean view from high above the park as you float around a watery track. Keep your eyes open for the final drop, and expect to get wet!" (Visit Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Online). More to come on this exciting project in the future!

Essex Tech Farm Stand with Colonial Tan Ledgestone

The best thing about summer is all the fresh vegetables. Stop by the Essex Farm Stand in Hamilton, MA to get some great produce and to see some local stone. The Colonial Tan Ledgestone thin veneer was the perfect stone choice to for the entrance columns and wall. More information to come!

Ipswich Country Club Entrance Walls with Ledge & Ashlar Veneer

A new front entrance and sign is underway at the Ipswich Country Club located in Ipswich, MA. This project is set to be complete by the end of the summer 2015 and features a mixture of colors and shapes. Boston Blend Ledgestone, Boston Blend Ashlar, Colonial Tan Ledgestone, and Colonial Tan Ashlar where all used together on this project. More photos and information to come!

Mason: ND Landscape, Inc.
Architect: H.J. Collins & Associates

Superdogs Daycare with Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Veneer

Superdogs Daycare located in Merrimack, NH used a New England stone veneer for sign columns and as cladding on the building. The Boston Blend Square & Rectangular was installed without mortar showing between the joints.

New England Stone Veneer Inspirational Photos


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Architect's Corner

We have many tools and lots of information available to assist architects and design professionals in the preparation of construction projects. Don't see what you need? Please visit our full architect page or contact us to request more information.

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