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Choose an Installer's historic New England fieldstone thin stone veneer is installed by some of the most talented masonry contractors in the country. First, stonemasonry is an art. The same exact stone veneer put up by two different stonemasons can look very different. After finding a Certified Installer in your area, review photos of previous installations by that installer. It is important to have a mock-up made prior to installation to verify the mason can achieve the look you desire. Know that Stoneyard Certified Installers have the knowledge and skill set to install stone veneer properly. 

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The STONEYARD® Certified Thin Stone Installer program provides masonry professionals with tools and important tips for the most efficient and effective install. Classes are held regularly at our Littleton, MA training center. Choosing an installer is an integral part of any masonry project. Customers are looking for natural thin stone veneer experts who are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of the installation.

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Let us help you connect to more customers. Stoneyard Certified Installers benefit from having a dedicated showcase on We encourage all installers of Stoneyard veneer stone to send us descriptions and photos of completed projects. No matter where the project is in the U.S., a local list of installers is readily and easily available to customers and visitors seeking stone veneer installers. 

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